Monday, June 6, 2011

recovery day

Took a recovery swim this morning. 500 yards of drills and then 20 minutes of easy swimming. Tried to focus on my form the entire time. My knee is really sore. I'm still limping around on it. I went for more ART on it which of course hurt but hopefully it will help especially for eagleman. The doc scared me a bit when mentioned if i don't get better in a few visits with him, he wants me to get an MRI of my knee. That has never worked out well for me in the pasted so anything I hear that word It just sounds like more surgery to me. We'll see what happens in the next few days as I am tapering and hopefully the knee can recover without as much load on it. I was surprised to find myself kinda tired today. I wasn't really sore expect for the knee but my energy level wasnt the same as it normally is. Maybe recovering from the sprint tri yesterday. I am surprised but it was so short.  I went to get a Re-fit done on my tri bike. The aerobars, seat height were changed. Also my cleat position was changed. I immediately noticed a difference in my knee once I rode with the changed cleat position but i don't know if  it was for the better or not because of the knee already hurting so much.  I have a rest day on the schedule tomorrow. It's going to be an interesting week!

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