Wednesday, June 1, 2011

R3 & Sram Red it is

the knee wasnt too bad this morning. more stiff than sore.


3 rounds for time of

Row 400 meters
10 kettlebell swings @ 44 lbs
10 Deadlifts @ 135

time 9:54

couldn't go too heavy on the deads my legs were still sore from the good mornings and yesterday's time trial. Felt like a good wod though. Able to go unbroken.

I wanted to test my knee so i did 2 walking lunges since those make it hurt and sadly that made it hurt. So i hit the ice this afternoon and it seems ok.

Picked up my upstate velo tri suit last night and it's pretty nice.

Ordered a cervelo R3 with Sram Red Comps. Decided to go with the Sram because I like the adjustable shifters and also the brakes just being brakes. I decided to go red because of the upgrades to the bike. After they did my fit to order it. I had my road bike re fit. The seat is higher and the handlebars are also adjusted. Maybe that will help with the knee pain. I left it at the shop to have the brakes worked on. I will have the fit redone on my tri bike soon too.

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