Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Didn't do the race I registered for yesterday because of me knee. That was tough I like that race and wish I was able to compete! I did a CF wod instead.

10 rounds of
10 Good Mornings @ 45
5 Pushups
3 Standing Ab Rollouts

time - 18.03

putting a barbell on my sunburned back for these was tough. I actually wore a shirt for this wod. Pushups went well. The ab rollouts were a ripper as my abs still hurt from the GHDs the day before. That being said it was fun having them in a wod for a change. I didn't go too heavy on the good mornigns because i haven't done them in forever and I was doing 100 of them. I also didn't go too fast on them either. didn't want to get hurt doing them. That being said my hangstrings are tight from them today!

Also did my running drills. The knee still isn't moving correctly compared the other legs. All of the bunny hopping aggravated my foot surgery site as well. I didn't do any drills today maybe I should take days off between them. Overall my knee is doing a lot better. It still has some weird moments where it warns me but i am not limping or in pain like I was.

Started today off with 300 of drills, catch, shark and hesitate and then a 45 minutes Time trial. Covered 94 laps if i counted correctly which is the hardest part of a wod like that. The form actually felt pretty smooth today. 50 breaststroke to cooldown.

CF wod - "karen" - 150 wallballs for time. used a 14 lb ball at a 9 ft target. time 12:31. This is a PR. by 21 seconds over the last time I did the wod. my wallballs are getting better which is good because it isn't one of my favorite exercises. especially in this format. if you have like 10 or 20 to do they are fun. once you hit about 75- 100 they get old pretty fast! Around 100 i started feeling my knee a bit but it is more of a tightness than a pain. still using the ice and the nsaids.

it's finally warmed up here. in the 90s which is good I am trying to acclimate a bit to it as i've heard it can be hot at eagleman. still trying to decide what compenents to get on my new r3. I am going to go ride a 52 with ultergra and a 54 with sram rival when I get fit. Right now I am thinking sram red because I like the adjustable shifting especially since i like to ride in the drops. and also because then the brakes are just the brakes. both my specialized road bike and my cervelo TT bike use shimano and i think the brakes are crappy on both of them. I have to find out if i can easily switch race wheels between the two bikes if i run both sram on 1 bike and shimano on the other. It's a little cheaper and lighter too.
Went to ride a 12 mile TT tonight. It was the first time I am on my bike in 4 days! I took 3 minutes off my time for a 12 mile course. last time i went 40.30 this time i went 37.31 per the results. my garmin actually recorded 37.03. We go off in 30 second intervals so maybe something got screwed up. Not a big deal. so I pretty much blew my old time away and i am happy with that! average speed 19.5. last time i had the kool race wheels too. this time just my trainers. It would be interesting to see what I could do on that course if i didn't already hit 2 wods first. However, I had 3 really good workouts today. Maybe the extra rest over the last few days. Sometimes I probably push myself a little too hard and don't recover enough. I am def someone that likes to push the envelope with things probably why i am attracted to crossfit. I have to learn to balance a little better and maybe i wouldn't end up with an injury and some forced downtime. The knee was good to begin with. started to feel it a bit as I pulled up on the hills, By the end i could feel it a bit. When it got off my bike it was stiff and tight. Im hitting it with ice and hoping that it feels better tomorrow.

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