Thursday, May 26, 2011

but not out....

I took stefan to the bike shop today and he is there overnight for them to work on him. the dereuiller hanger broke so that needs to be replace. they need to straightened out the dereuiller its bent. Also the wheel has bent spokes and is out of true. But it all sounds fixable.
Which was good news. I still want to get a more competition worthy road bike but i still want to keep this one for commuting, bad weather. etc. I had to commute on my mountain bike today and that is just slow going.


sealfit complex
used a 65 lb barbell for 5 reps per round and 5 rounds total. 1 time through the sequence is a rep

Upright Row
Squat Clean
Front squat
Push Press
back Squat

The deadlift to upright row start looking like a sumo dead lift high pull. The squat clean to the front squat put a good hurting on the legs. The push press to the back squat is always tougher than a regular push press because of the behind in the neck negative. It was finally a sunny non raining day here so i took my barbell outside while getting this one done.

jay wanted some running videos of me to check on my form and see if that is what is causing my knee pain. So did a 1 mile warmup and then 8 x 200 meters on 1 minute rest. I started out running them in 41 second but hit 45-46 by the end. My knee was hurting while i was running and afterwards. It also hurt on the bike today too. I am icing it and that helps a lot. Jay wants me to shut down the biking and the running for a few days. I am disappointed because I wanted to race a crit on saturday and a circuit race on sunday. Monday I am entered in a 5 mile road race. I know eagleman is the bigger race and i should try to get myself in order for that since it is coming up soon.

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