Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I think that i would die

It was a cold wet track workout this morning but I am happy to get it in. It wasn't ideal conditions but it was the right time to get the workout done as the next few days are a taper for saturdays race.

ran 1 mile to warmup. then 8 x 200 meters on 1 minute rest.
1 - 47
2 - 45
3 - 49
4 - 47
5 - 46
6 - 48
7 - 47
8 - 47
My target time was 45 seconds but I missed it by a few seconds on most of the reps. I am just slow coming off this surgery in the winter. I will put the work in to get the speed back. walked a 400 to cooldown. It was so cod and wet that i was freezing by the end of the lap and happy to go get a hot shower! I do have to say my legs were feeling yesterdays back squats and bike before I even started this.

Deadlifts were the cf portion of today's programming

warmed up going 135x5, 155x5, 185 x 2

Workout was 2 reps on the minute for 12 minutes. I choose to do 185 as my weight for all 13 rounds as it is about 75% of my current 1 rep max. My hammies were already tired from the day before and the running so while I would have liked to go a little heavier this was a good working weight for today especially with the race on saturday.

The training the next few days will be light. I am taking my tri bike into the shop tonight to get the zipps a friend loaned me checked out. I also need to workout a spot for my garmin that I can actually read the data while riding and also pickup some nutrition.

meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water & tempeh bacon
meal 2 - clif bar & mac nuts
meal 3 - tempeh scallopini with mushrooms and broccoli, mac nuts
meal 4 - clif bar


  1. hey - i just noticed we will both be at eagleman and poconos!! it will be fun to follow your training leading up to these races. hopefully we can meet at one of them!! good luck :-)

  2. That would be super awesome! I actually really need to update my race schedule on here I am do a lot more races than those 2!