Friday, May 20, 2011

How do you go on?

asier day on the training schedule today so I should be good for the race tomorrow.

took a 30 minute easy bike ride on stefan. 7+ miles. Of course it rained so i have to clean him up tonight and get him all spiffy for the race tomorrow. Noticed the knee a little not nearly as much as before. Then again I wasn't riding hard either.

CF wod was 4 x 800 meters on 2 minute rest. used the c2 rower

1 - 3.33
2 - 3.34
3 - 3.40
4 - 3.35
I started to notice my knee on the 3rd and 4th reps. although it wasn't pain like it has been.

Fairly happy with the times except for the 3rd rep where I clearly stopped focusing for a second and let the pain get to me.

My knee is starting to feel better. The ice and nsaids are working. I am wishing for this to clear up quickly so I don't have to be modifiying my training. I did enough of that last season. I would be really nice to just train this year without injury issues.

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