Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Pain I am used too

So my hamstrings and butt were feeling the squats today.

CF wod was
5 rounds of
3 backsquats @ 95
10 body blasters

time 10 minutes

had to go with 95 on the backsquats because my legs were sore. This was my first time doing body blasters and i have to say i do like them! This helped to loosen me up a bit but the legs were not feeling fresh.

team crit tonight. approximately 30 miles. I only have 25 something on my garmin because i forgot to start it until we were already into it. 1,337 of climbing. 15.4 avg speed. max speed 31. no HR info because i my friction burn still isn't completely healed although it is looking better. I am hoping to wear it again sometime soon. I think I did better than I did last time.

My knee was feeling better today. The ice helps it a lot. But it is flared up again after riding. Not as bad as it had been but not as good as has been either. I was super tired today i am wondering if it isn't from the nsaids.

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