Sunday, May 29, 2011


got a crossfit wod in today. still looking after the knee but this went ok.

AMRAP 9 minutes of
5 pullups
10 GHD situps.

Completed 11 full rounds and 2 pullups in the 12 th round.

I was pretty happy with that. Did the pullups as ring assuie pullups. I didn't like the way the kip felt on the knee.

then some shoulder pressing
65x3 this was more like 65x 1 - 3 times.

Iced my knee down when I could today. It is feeling a lot better but I won't be racing tomorrow as sad as that is. I went to the track and started doing some running drills and based on how it felt I know racing tomorrow is the wrong decision. That being said I still wish I was.
drills were ball of foot hops with a lean, wall drills pulls, pulling with 1 foot alternating side. I could tell the knee still isn't right when switching sides. It isn't painful but it feels restricted and not smooth. Maybe they will feel better tomorrow. still thinking over the options for my r3!

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