Wednesday, May 25, 2011

stefan is down!

cf - recovery wod - legs were a little cooked from the last few days and my energy was low.

3 x 15 - GHD situps

3 x 15 Back Extensions

3 x 15 Kettlebell swings @ 35

3 x 10 pullups

3 x 10 pushups

Did my usual commute today except my bike broke on the way home. The rear derailleur ripped off my bike and took part of the frame with it. It doesn't look like the derailleur hanger to me it looks like part of the frame. It was very weird because i was riding home at an easy pace on a flat road at the time so it wasn't under much load  when it just snapped. I was able to get myself off the bike without falling. I was supposed to go ride with some friends but Jeff was nice enough to come nad pick me up. Since we were both already in bike clothes and ready to ride I took Damon out for a spin instead. We did the TT course twice. A little over 24 miles in 1.28.  It actually was a decent recovery ride for me because my legs were pretty cooked. sadly thought it made my knee hurt! avg 16.3 speed and maxed at 35. Hopefully Ill be feeling much better tomorrow.

I have to take my bike into the shop and see what they think. maybe time for a new road bike.

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