Monday, May 9, 2011

Look what the cat dragged in

Went to bed too late and got up too soon. Hit the pool this morning. 500 of drills to warmup, 100 switch, 200 catch, 100 shark, 100 hesitate. I upped the catch drills because this is basically how I swam a lot of the race on saturday so that I could protect my face! It was actually pretty useful. workout was 8 x 100 on 4 minutes rest. this is not one of my favorite wods. I don't like standing in the pool for that much time not swimming. I stretched and floated trying to make the best of it. I was happy (for today) with the times I threw down. I must be recovered from the race. I was resting for so long the lifeguard came over to ask me if i was ok!

1 - 1.34
2 - 1.32
3 -1.31
4 - 1.32
5 -1.31
6 -1.32
7 - 1.32
8 - 1.34

Run - 30 minutes. 3.20 miles. back to crossfit tomorrow. I actually have a horrible headache tonight. I think it is allergy related. my eyes are tearing, my nose is running and my ears hurt! Taking all of my allergy meds!

Tomorrow also starts my first time training session. It is supposed to help sharpen skills of Riding in a pack, planning breakaways, bridging gaps, sprinting, working through different race scenarios, Time trialing against the clock in a race format. It is well knows that the best training is racing so these are mock races. 1 week a 30 mile crit the next week a 12.5 mile TT. The team is a USAC AND USAT member. A tri coach is on board for the TT session and has planned to add a 2 mile run on the TT days to make a brick workout for the triathletes. Overall I think this is all going to be very good for me but hard too. The people on this team ride much better than I do so I am going to be dying just to hang in!

meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water
meal 2 - vega wfo w/ soy yogurt, straberries, blueberries & mango, ground flax seed
meal 3 - banana
meal 4 - black eyed peas, brown rice, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, clif bar,almonds
meal 5 - tofu, red pepper, zucchini, guacamole

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