Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Tried to run the stiffness out of my legs this morning. they are a lot better than they were but not 100 percent yet. Downhills didn't feel as good as the rest of the run and my knee hurt afterwards. I am going to have to start taking the knee thing seriously and going after it more aggressively. ran 5.65 miles in 1 hour. It was raining so it irritated the blisters on my feet a bit.

CF wod
back squats
bw x 10
45 x 10
65 x 5
All were onto a medicine ball to ensure depth.

Been really tired the last few days. Hopefully my sleeping situation will get corrected tonight and I will get caught up on rest the next few days. I ordered some new goggles for open water swimming today. I can't wait to try them. Hopefully better vision and more comfortable. Also took my road bike into the shop to have the shifting addresses a bit. I'll try to get out and ride it the next few days and test it out before I do the Mon-tour on saturday. It is a really hilly cycling race.

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