Friday, May 13, 2011

Wake up dead man

What a different ride last night. On my skills class last night people were telling me I'm their hero and they want to ride like me someday. I totally told them they want to ride like people that are way better than me. It was just kinda funny the reasons they were giving me were things like your a strong triathlete I want to do that or your such a strict vegan and have such control over your diet. Your my hero. I guess inspiration is where you find it.

swim - i've been riding my bike to the pool in addition to my usual commuting around town to work and the gym etc. I actually took stefan in the grocery store with me today and walked around with him because i had nothing to lock him up with. Surprisingly no one said a word. Anyway back to the point the pool water has actually felt warm to me lately but I think it is because I am cold from riding my bike. 1,000 of drills, 2 rounds of 100s of switch, catch, drag, shark and hesitate. Then 2 rounds of 300s with pull and paddles. This was the kind of workout I needed to start the morning. I was dragging from 3 wods yesterday. 3rd wod was my skills class it wasn't a terribly hard ride but I was tired going into it. we worked on cornering. On nights when I have some time but not the energy to go for a ride I am going to set up water bottles like we did and just practice cornering skills. Getting closer and closer to the bottle without knocking it over and also being able to do it faster and faster. It actually is a great way to practice the skills because where I live with traffic being able to take a corner that way usually isn't going to happen. And in the words of coach phil "we're going to do this until someone falls over!" Also worked on TTT skills. We weren't killing the pace just working on getting on and off the line smoothly. We also did a little climbing because if's there a hill, then there's phil. around 20 miles but I would say 15 was on the roads and 5 was just riding in a circle cornering. I am not adjusted to training at night. When I get home from a ride, It's later than I like to get home, i need to cook shower and eat and I really just want to go to bed. It's hard to get up the morning after I ride at night or I am just not used to it yet. So not having to kill it in the pool today helped me recover and loosen up a bit. I actually felt good on my form drills and strong on my paddle work.

3 rounds of
15 Hanging Power Cleans @ 65 lbs
15 Burpees
time 8:24

I think I could have gone a little heavier on the cleans. I wasn't having an issues cleaning the weight but my grip forced me to put the bar down and reset a few times. It was a lot of reps to try to go unbroken though.

I mapped out a 56 mile route for my TT tomorrow. I am hoping that it isn't raining in the morning so I can take my TT bike and get acclimated to being aero for that long. But they are calling for raining starting tonight and through the weekend so I might end up riding my road bike (Again). It sounds like it will also be raining for my half -marathon on sunday. maybe ill get lucky though.

meal 1 - vega wfo w.coconut water & a sprouted grain bagel
meal 2 - clif builder bar & almonds
meal 3 - banana, hummus, 2 veggie burgers, granola bar

I really need to get to the store tomorrow the food hasn't been the best the last few days.

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