Thursday, May 5, 2011

race ready?

been crazy busy and hating the stress of it all. The zipps are on but i was unable to locate the pit stop tubular sealant I want. Still trying a few other options but It looks like I may just have to ride the race without it. I tried all of the local bike shops my hope now if i can find it near the race. Anyway, had trouble getting air into the zipps so that ate up a bunch time. Also my spare tubular wouldn't find the xlab bags so thankfully i had straps from jay and I was able to attach it using those. I gotta say if it weren't for my friend jeff none of this would be going down. he is pretty much keeping me from completely losing my mind today! I only hope that things get better before the race and that tomorrow isn't as crazy as today was. I semi-packed my stuff. I will have to finish packing tomorrow when i get out of work before i drive down to the hotel I am staying at. Wishing the travel goes smoothly and i that I don't forget anything. This is a busy time for me at work between the stress of that and the stress of trying to get everything together I need to keep this in mind which picking out future races. Im sure i will make it through all of it but it isn't going to be an easy day. Sometimes being an endurance athlete is about enduring so much more than yourself. Got in a 20 minute swim this morning. it actually was really fun to just go swim without having to count the laps or go as fast as possible. i actually felt like i was able to focus on just swimming more. Of course I wouldn't wnat to do it all the time i like to push myself but it was fun for a day. Also took a 20 minute spin on the new race wheels. sadly it was super windy so i didn't really get to relax and enjoy the ride. I was kinda just getting blown around a bit. I hope to get out for a bit again tomorrow and hopefully have a better ride. I want to sleep in if possible. I plan on getting out of work early. If something screws that up I am really gonna be behind the 8 ball. I'm learning lots of lessons though. like don't wait on doing any of this stuff until before the race. My head would be in a better place right now if most of this was already done and I just had to travel and race. It is good i am getting that before going to eagleman. I even need to pack earlier when possible. I am actually a little tight and sore today nothing too major so i hope to be rested and in good shape for saturday.

meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water
meal 2 - vega wfo w/soy yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, ground flax
meal 3 - clif bar & mac nuts
meal 4 - tempeh spinach peppers daiya
meal 5 - clif bar
meal 6 - tofu, brown rice & veggies

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