Saturday, May 28, 2011

now im down.

Got stefan back on friday. The bike shop was able to fix him up. I took him for a spin in the parking lot a bit but no major riding as I have really scaled back the training to let the knee heal up. I also took a cervelo R3 for a ride and I am loving that bike and working on getting one. I also took out a specialied tarmac which was also really nice but I preferred the R3. I have to decide on components and get a fit.

yesterday and today were both swimming only days and they have allowed my knee to start feeling a lot better. I am icing it when possible and using kinesio tape. Either it is healing or all of the celebrex i've been taking just has me not feeling the pain anymore.

friday - 500 drills to warmup and 500 more to cool down
25yds 1 min rest, 50yds 50 sec rest, 75yds 40 sec rest, 100yds 30 sec rest, 125yds 20 sec rest, 150yds 10 sec rest then back down the ladder.

1000yds countinuos drills to warmup

5 x 100yds paddle and pull buoy on 20 sec rest

5 x 100yds kick with board and fins on 10 sec rest

cooldown 100 breaststroke 100 backstroke

I used my new hydra vision open water googles in the pool just to test them out. I had a few issues with leaks, gotta sort that out.

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