Tuesday, May 3, 2011

zippity do da

got good sleep last night. I'm happy about that as I don't want to go into the half -lite tri this weekend as tired a I went into the sprint last weekend.. Last week was just a bad week with the accident though. I want to sleep well the next few nights because I probably won't sleep well in the hotel the night before.

12 minute bike TT today. due to time issues I actually didn't warmup before the workout. I just went out and hit it for 12 minutes. probably not the best idea. I also didn't get the best effort in due to traffic. I couldn't stay in the aerobars the whole time and I got stuck trying to turn during it which I am sure ate up some time. I avged 19.5 mph with my max at 22.5. HR avg was the 155 max was 165. I covered almost 4 miles. I actually ended up riding longer than the 12 minutes but my watch shut off after 12 so that is the end of my data. I never heard the end workout alarm go off so I keep riding until I realized it had to be longer than 12 minutes and saw my watch had stopped. That is one of my current issues I had to wear my garmin on my wrist because there is no place for it on my tri bike and i can't read it on my wrist unless I sit up and look. I hope to get this resolved tomorrow when I take the zipps a friend is loaning me to the bike shop to see if they are race ready for saturday. I really hope that they are. I want to get the cassette and the brake pads switched out and just be ready to roll! I didn't feel bad when i was riding but I was kinda tired afterwards.

CF wod
7 rounds of
7 back squats @ 95 lbs
5 pullups
time 6:26

I liked this wod because I was able to go unbroken on all of it. I did take little chalk breaks mostly to try to prevent tearing my hands up. I did some back squats to warmup to this weight for the wod. I actually feel better after the CF wod than I did before it. The body is happy to be working again. That is how I get with time off. I know it is good for recovery but I swear in some ways it actually makes me more tired.

meal 1 - tempeh bacon
meal 2 vega wfo w/coconut water
meal 3 - grit tofu, roasted yellow beans & red beets, mac nuts, clif bar
meal 4 - tempeh scallopini with mushrooms, broccoli

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