Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tour De Scranton

First here are my race splits from the DACC Tri yesterday.  
Swim        Run         T-1         Bike        T-2         Run        TOTAL 
5:52          32          58       52:11          39       30:00      1:30:09
Surprised the swim was so high. The no flip turns and the lane changing did screw me
up a bit. Actually expected my bike to be higher and my run to be lower. These are 
the best transition times I think I have ever seen. All of my numbers were in the top 
few for females on this course. I actually felt really good after the race yesterday.
A little sore and tired but work up feeling good this morning and just in time for the
tour de scranton which is a 65 mile bike ride featuring 4900 ft of climbing. I rode
the course in 4:34 for an avg speed of 14 mph. avg hr of 137. It was a fun ride and
I am happy that i did it. I actually was a little concerned when we started the ride
because my legs were not feeling fresh and I was thinking if they feel this way now
how are they going to feel after more miles but after the first 20 miles or so they 
actually started to feel better. I felt better at the end of the ride than at the
beginning. I actually ran into a little trouble in the middle where i started 
getting a headache and wasn't feeling great. Then I noticed my left hamstring was
starting to cramp and i took some salt and it really refreshed me and I was good to
go for the rest of the ride. I did a few gels. There was some gatorade at the water
stations that I also used. It all worked ok. I actually was handing out salt to other
riders that were getting cramps.  I had to convince them that gatorade just doesn't
have enough of what they need. I have to say I think following my nutrition actually
had me feeling good through the end when people were really starting to hurt. The
climbing in this course is more stacked towards the end. The last several miles are 
fflat and I still had the legs to put down sub 4 min miles. I'm pretty happy with 
the way that today went. i didn't crank too hard in the beginning but rather paced
pretty well throughout the race. I am especially please with myself for not walking 
any of the hills. Some of them were ugly and steep. A lot of them were long. It 
helped that I was riding my road bike so I had my triple gear available as was able 
to just set a good pace and just keep going up them. Made me wonder if i don't try
to climb hills too hard and fast just to get them over. I actually felt pretty good
on a lot of them that other people were complaining about. me and the hills are still
not friends but maybe we are learning how to get along together.  After the race my 
biggest complains are i'm sunburned, my lips are chapped and my eyes are red. All 
little things. So far my legs don't feel bad. They don't feel fresh but they are
not really hurting yet either. I actually rode this race a little smarter. If I was
hurting and needed to recover. I sat on someones wheel and let them pull me until I 
felt recovered. I did plenty of pulling too especially towards the end.

meal 1 - bagel & gnocchi
meal 2 - bananas
meal 3 - gels, gatorade, salt etc on the bike
meal 4 - potatoes, clif bars,grit tofu
meal 5 - red beans and brown rice 

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