Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pocono Mountain Half Marathon Relay Race Report

Pocono Mountain Run for the Red Half-Marathon Relay - Race Report

The time from my garmin for my 13.16 miles was 2:01:17. I will check tomorrow online to see what my chip/clock time was. avg page per mile was 9:12 avg hr 155 max 184. Although I believe this to be fairly accurate. I had a decent race which I am happy about. I would have liked to go under 2 hours but honestly yesterday i was feeling pretty fried. just not enough sleep this week to recover from all of the training but I hope to get that corrected this week. I had time before the race to stretch my legs out so this helped a bit. My only complaints after the race are blisters on my feet. probably should have body glided them because we were running in the rain and the wet socks/sneakers combo is yucky on the feet. Also I got a friction burn from either my heart rate monitor or my sports bra. again body glide would have been a good idea just didn't think about it since it wasn't a tri. Legs feel good and my energy is decent so i expect to be recovered and back onto training tomorrow! My half of the course was the "hilly" part of the marathon. That being said it was net downhill overall but mostly little rolling hills all the way. None of the hills had a serious grade to them although a few of them we a little long. If you have the legs to take advantage of the downhills it can be a fast course to race. It is really pretty too just winding down country highway. The last few miles are actually in town and less scenic but there are a lot more people cheering there. It finished on a stadium track so that's really fun and will be awesome for impm. The rain wasn't really heavy but more of an annoyance. It was cool about 60. but the humidity was high at 92 percent. Running in a full marathon as a relay especially the last half is a weird thing. You are flying by all of these people who are suffering just passing people constantly because they have been out there suffering a lot longer and are a lot more beat up. Overall it's a decent marathon but the organization of it wasn't the greatest. I wasn't frazzled by it but a lot of people were upset. Iced my heel afterwards as it is a little achy but it did not give me any problems on the course so hopefully after a little ice and rest it will settle down. Im happy i took the time to do this race 1) i got to preview the course and 2) I probably wouldn't have thrown down such a good time running by myself so overall it was a successful training day. I wasn't really feeling it before the race it was hard to get excited for since there was no swimming or biking involved but i do have to admit it is a lot easier to run without those first. But that really isn't the point of triathlon. I have to be able to run off the bike better. I had a much easier time today running than I did at devilman last week. Hopefully running at impm will feel as good as today did.

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