Saturday, May 14, 2011

Horseshoes and handgrenades

started raining before I even took off on my ride today so took my road bike instead of my tri bike. the only bad part of this is I wanted to get more acclimated and conditioned to staying aero for a longer period of time. I haven't done any really long rides on my tri bike and towards the end of devilman last week I was noticing that it was harder to stay aero comfortably. Hopefully between now and eagleman in a month I will have more time to spend hitting it tt style!! now if the weather will just cooperate! It was a cold and rainy 56 miles. I think the training for this week and well as the fact that i haven't slept well or long enough all week caught up to me a bit on this ride. I didn't feel like getting out of bed this morning and i was dragging myself around getting ready to head out. Had a bagel and off we went. total ride time was 3:38 avg 15.5 mph. I just didn't feel like i could nail it today. I had to pee twice and i puked at mile 34. Too much gel and water I guess as I wasn't feeling sick. I didn't even stop the bike though just spit it off the side! I took a break from the gel and water for a while until i started feeling better. Didn't have any problems the rest of the way. avg hr was only 135! I've never had trouble with gels before so I am just going to let it go and say it was a bad day. I lwas a spa style ride. free exfoliation and mud treatment. Tomorrow I am running in the pocono run for the red marathon as part of a marathon relay. I'll be hitting the second half marathon which is the ironman pocono mountain 70.3 course. I am tired and my foot is sore today so we will see how it goes. I will go and do it and use it as a training run just to get experience on that course. I have to say I would be more excited about it if it involved swimming and biking! yes i am a tri brat.

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