Monday, September 5, 2011

10k race and 10 mile TT bike repeats

Saturday I did the wilkes-barre 10k road race. Completed it in 57.32. Which probably is a best for me in the last couple of years between the foot needing surgery last year and the knee this year. I love this race because it goes entirely through the downtown area. They close the streets and it is just fun to be running through the streets of downtown.  I like racing in cities. Before the race I was actually feeling a little nervous. Not sure why and it wasn't really bad or anything but I did feel a little off prepping to race.  I taped up my knees and headed down to the race. Commuted down on my bike and used that as a warmup so that I wasn't running on my knee to warmup. Once I picked up my packet and locked up my bike I spent the rest of the time stretch and trying to loosen up my lower legs. The only negative thing I can say about the race is that they don't even attempt to break people out into timing groups and they are running a 10k and half-marathon together so they start is always crowded and you have to run around people.  Otherwise it is very well organied. The gun went off and i haven't done a running race in so long i did my first mile as a 7.19! If only I could keep that pace for the entire thing we would be in good shape. But with the amount of run training I have been able to due lately due to injury that was not the case. miles after that went 9.19, 9.40, 9.30,9.24, 9.34, 9.12(partial).  My garmin recorded the course as being slightly long at 6.31. I felt like I put in a consistent effort through the entire race. HR was 162- 167 most of the time.  avg hr per garmin was 164 ma was 172.  I felt pretty good about this race because I think it is probably the best I could have run that day. My didn't hurt during the race although I did notice how stiff and tight my lower legs always feel even though i stretched them for a long time before the race. After the race I felt fine. rode my bike back home and was out most of the day doing errands. in the evening my legs and knee started to ache. I was sore when i woke up in the morning so I did some thing and waited to loosen up a bit before heading out on my bike to train. If it was a rest day i would have been ok with it because my legs were kinda cooked. We were supposed to get thunderstorms in the evening yesterday so i planned on heading out in the early afternoon to try to avoid the rain but it didn't work out that way. Took an easy 7 mile warmup to where I wanted to do my ten mile time trial repeats. It is the course my bike club uses to train their tts on just made slightly shorter. The longer warmup was good because like i said my legs weren't fresh. As soon as I started the first one I knew I wasn't going to be setting any records doing these today my legs just weren't recovered enough. my first one went 34.38  avg 17.3 mph or 3.28 a mile. hr  avg 147 ma 157.  These were done on 8 minutes rest.The second one as soon as i started i thought damn this is going to hurt everytime!  done in 35.34 or  16. 9mph or 3.33 pace.avg hr 142 ma 152 It stared raining at the end of these repeat and all through the break. I took my husband with me to do this workout and I was impressed he didn't bail when it started storming. he stuck it out through the whole thing. the 3rd repeat as done through a really rough thunderstorm. It was really pouring heavily. visibility was bad. and it was windy. My eyes were burning so bad just trying to keep going. The rain stung and i was getting leaves stuck to me as I went along. time was 36.26 or 16.5 mph  or a 3.38 pace.  it rained the entire est of the time we were riding but that one had the heaviest rain/wind for sure. avg h 136 ma 150  My husband fired me up for the last one but saying that rep was "relaed" so on the 4th one i went 34.27 or the fastest yet. 3.26 a mile or 17.4 mph. hr avg 143 ma 153 this is a rolling hills course. then rode the 7 miles home at a more relaed pace with some hills.  It was a rough day in the saddle with all the rain.  actually felt pretty good after this. I was thinking i would be more crushed but it spun the pain out of my legs from the run the day before.  Today is a rest day although I don't really feel like taking it. I feel like going to ride or run.  my knee is still pretty much the same isn't pain free but isn't too bad either.

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