Monday, September 19, 2011

Even you Brutus?

Sunday- I attempted to go out and run and my body shot that down pretty fast. I was feeling tired and sore but I knew my time to train is getting short with Pocono coming up so soon so I mentally got myself outside to run knowing that rest was coming soon. My legs were feeling super tight and achy and my first few steps my knee was clearly banging against another bone. You could audibly hear it and I could definitely feel it. I ran up the street from my house just to see if it improved but I was literally limping down the road and I decided to scrap it because nothing good can come from running in that kind of shape. It was a little upsetting. I felt like my body was betraying me but as I walked back home I thought about it and in the last week (Saturday to Saturday) I raced a bike road race, followed the next day by racing a half-marathon, to racing my bike again this Saturday) so I decided to was ok to be tired and sore. I’ve been hitting it hard. I also trained for the last two weeks without a rest day.  The 4 x 1 mile repeats  Thursday night really tightened up my lower legs which is what I really think causes my knee pain. So I decided it switch my upcoming rest day from Monday to Sunday because I was beat. I was pretty tired the entire day but I was also doing a lot of errands and things around the house too.

I got my new Blackburn Flea front and rear lights and they are just frigging adorable! I think they are going to work out great for commuting because they are small that you can easily tote them around. They can be charged by their own little solar panel or off a usb computer port. They are easy to put on and take off. I didn’t ride outside in the dark with them yet but I did test them out by riding around the dark garage and they seem ok. I don’t really need them to light my way as I will only be riding in the city with them on my commute and all of those streets have street lights. It is more so that vehicles can see me.  I didn’t order a bike rack to put my panniers on so sadly I had to do that today so I can get those up and running too. I switched the sensor off of Stefan to micah but my garmin froze yesterday so I didn’t actually get to test it out. I have to let the battery die and then I can recharge it. It would be nice to have some cadence data again.  I am thinking I need to start riding damon a little bit to get the feel of being on my tri bike again.  It’s not as comfy as the R3 which I am totally in love with. I haven’t been on the p2 since Vermont.

Today – Got up to swim this morning. Did 500 of drills to warmup then 3 x 500 on 1 minute rest. Went 9:40, 9:05, 9:01.  I tried to focus on my rotation when swimming these instead of how fast I was going.  They weren’t an all out effort. Cooldown 50 breaststroke, 50 Elementary back stroke. My knee was still sore. It is better than it was yesterday but I decided not to run on it again today and instead took micah out for a spin. We did a 2 mile warmup and then 30 minutes hard. Not all out but a good effort. Again, I didn’t have my Garmin so I don’t have any data of how far, how fast, etc. I threw a few good hills in there. My knee actually feels better after doing this.  But I am kinda tired today still.

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