Friday, September 16, 2011

A question of time

I didn’t sleep enough last night. I usually have that problem when I workout at night. I’m too wound up to sleep afterwards. I got to bed late but I did get up to swim this morning.
500 of drills to warmup then 6 x 300s as pull and paddle  - reps 1,3,5 and swim 2,4,6.  Then 100 of breaststroke to cooldown. I felt pretty good on these. I did them with jeff so that pushed me to go faster.  My bike “workout” on the other hand not so much. I was supposed to be time trialing but I just didn’t have it in me. My knee and my legs are sore from running last night and I’m just tired. I figured no reason to really push it when I don’t have it since I am racing my bike in a road race tomorrow morning.  I did go out and ride my r3 for 45 minutes or so but it was an easy pace just to try to spin the legs out and a get a feel for tomorrow. I am really hoping that I feel better for tomorrow morning’s race. I need to rest and get some sleep tonight for that to happen. Tomorrow and Sunday will be hard training days. I really need some recovery time after I run. It just beats me up so much.  The race tomorrow is supposed to be pretty hilly so that will be tough on the knee too.  I am thinking of taping it. The weather is going to be cold tomorrow for the race. I still haven’t decided what im going to wear for it as a result. I got Brendan Brazier new book, Thrive Foods today. I am looking forward to reading that. It is probably just more of the same stuff he has been promoting for years but I have picked up a lot of good things from his other books. But why I am excited about it is because while I was totally in love with bredans recipes. They were good, most of them fall into one of two categories for me. 1) Time consuming and 2) raw.  Since I work full time and train twice a day most days I don’t have a lot of extra time for food prep. I make it a point to put really good food in front of me when I eat. That being said I am usually hungry and unable to spend over an hour to make something unless it is the weekend and I have the time.  Which leave the other category of “raw”.  I have absolutely nothing against the raw food people. In fact I love and admire them. I, however, do not go completely raw or even mostly raw.  I have experimented with it in the pasted and it has never gone well. I’ve read the books (other raw books besides brendan’s) and I’ve attended the classes (yes I even have a level 1 raw food chef certification actually!) and it just doesn’t do it for me. I do eat raw things every day from smoothies to nuts.  I can tolerate salads but if that is all I  get feed I get into a viscious cycle of not eating much because I don’t like the food, to being tired and hungry and crabby. So this is why I am excited about the new book. Brendan has enlisted chefs to come up with recipes that meet his nutrional ideals. I’ve also heard there are sport nutrition recipes but I haven’t seen if they are the same as the ones in the other books or new ones.  

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