Thursday, September 15, 2011

with teeth

swim - 500 of drills to warmup

then 2  - 800s - swam these with kevin who is a better swimmer than I am. but he was kind enough to stay near me which helped my pacing. i think i actually swam these a little harder than i would have if i did them myself. There was a 1 minute rest between them.

1 - 13:45
2 - 13:55

Cooldown - 100 as shallow end dolphin dives deep end breaststroke.

 my program has a 30 minute run on it today. I went to the local track and did a speed session with some friends to get 30 quality minutes in.

did 400 to warmup followed by 4   - 100s as striders
then 4   - 1 mile repeats on 3 minutes rest

1 - 7:45
2 - 8.14
3 - 8.02
4 - 8.21

no real cooldown. my lower legs are tight after this but again i ran harder than if i just went out and ran for 30 minutes by myself.  And running on the track was probably better for my knee too.

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