Friday, September 30, 2011

Take me to the River!

Big new of the day. The swim for Ironman Pocono Mountain has been cancelled due to unsafe conditions. The river is running too fast with currents being too strong. The water is way higher than normal.  I have to admit I was bummed to hear the news because I wanted to do the swim. Since that is what I trained the most this year due to the injuries. But nothing I can do about it so I am not going to dwell on it. I am going to go there and still try to have the best race I can. I am curious to see how all of this plays out this year and if they will do the race again as is in the future. Reason being the cold temps and the river issue. I am sure they picked the delaware because it is pretty and scenic. I've done numerous white water rafting trips down it and it is nice. But since there is an abundance of lakes around here they may have been a better choice. The bike will now be a TT start supposedly in the same order as the swim waves but how they decide where you go off in your wave i have no idea. Ill find out tomorrow at the meeting I guess. that is going to be a different for me but i having done the biking road race ive done I am comfortable with people on bikes around me so I should be fine with it. No, you can't draft but if there are people going off every few seconds there is going to be a lot more congestion on the bike course. The silver lining in the decision is that we might actually start out the bike dry! which with the forcasted temps could be helpful. Supposed to the in the low 40s at the start "warming?" up to the low 50s but the end of the race. It is supposed to be cloudy with possible rain showers. if it does rain I will be happy I've got the R3!  Im still deciding on what to wear because of the format change. I did take the r3 out for an easy 45 minute spin today. I woke up feeling crappy. stiff, sore, tired. and then i started riding my bike and the body was like what???? yep, i'm tapering! Hopefully this will be gone by race day. My ride went fine. I went and got a massage after that and also got kinesio tape applied to my knee. That's another bonus about losing the swim. I can leukotape my kneecap before the race and it has a chance to stay on now because there is no swim. I most likely will do it and just hope it stays.  it can't hurt to try!  Im gonna look like a freak with all of this tape on my leg but whatevs.  This is the best my knee has felt in awhile which is good going in the race. I have a feeling the race will beat it up again. I honestly feel like if i didn't race it would clear up so after the race I hope that to be the case when I take some downtime. I got some knots worked out of my calves. my massage therapist said they are feeling better. I mentioned the yoga and we both believe that is what is helping the knee and the lower legs.  I'll finish packing in the morning and head up to do all the prerace stuff tomorrow.hopefully my race report won't include words like hypothemia in it! Also hoping the rain holds off until im off the bike but this is going to be an interesting race for sure.

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