Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Motorpsycho Nitemare

Tired and slow moving getting up this morning. Or  I was just finding doing a trainer bike ride unmotivating. 10 minute warmup adding a gear every 2 minutes. Then 16 rounds of tabata. 20 on 10 off pushing the hardest gear on the bike, my cadence wasn’t the greatest. Then 5 minute spin to cooldown.

Then an actual outdoor ride. 10 minute warmup with hills.  Then 10 x 2 minute hill repeats. Gasp! I did this up jumper road with a nasty face of pain! it's mostly teeth gritting. Did a few minutes on the way back to the office to cooldown. Hills are tough. My knee felt like crap towards the end of this and a little weird afterwards.

No biking tomorrow. Ill swim in the morning and run at lunchtime. It will be my first run since the half-mary. My lower legs might still be a little tight but otherwise I think they are ok. Pocono is coming up fast!

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