Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Red River Shore

Talked with jay and we decided on a swim workout this morning instead of a running workout just to save the knee for raceday. Everytime I run it just hurts and if I am not getting any fitness out of it no reason to annoy that area further. I may need to can the running for awhile after Pocono mountain and just let this really heal up before I gear up to train for ironman NYC next year. Ill make it through the half-marathon on Sunday but it’s going to be rough.

So this mornings workout was

Warmup – 500 of drills + 200 easy swim just to get going a bit before the 50s

10 x 50 on 2 minutes.   Did these with Jeff and we were swimming 38 – 40 seconds for the 50s. This was supposed to be a race pace workout for me but those times are faster than I swim during a race but its hard to judge that on a 50 because by the time I realized I’m going too fast your basically done.  It actually felt like a great workout. I was moving pretty good keeping up with him.  I did 500 of drills to cooldown afterwards.  

There was an article in the local Pocono paper today about the swim possibly being cancelled this weekend because the water is too high in the river. Bad news is it rained a few inches yesterday and we are expecting rain again today, tomorrow and Friday which isn’t going to help things. I personally hope that they do have the swim, while I am not a great swimmer I am not a horrible swimmer.  I’ll probably place better with the swim that I will without it because my runtime is going to hurt me. But it’s going to be what it’s going to be. I doubt they will make a decision before Saturday.  Here is a link to the article

The only good thing is that if the swim in cancelled Ill won’t be as wet and cold on the bike. Right now the weather for Sunday is expected to be 40s in the morning warming up to 55. I’m still debating my race attire for Sunday.  Def some socks and toe warmers. Possibly gloves, either arm warmers or a riding jacket. I’m packing everything!  I actually started packing last night because I always get stressed out about the packing before the race and this takes some of the pressure off even through there will still be some last minute packing on saturday.

If the swim is cancelled it will be a TT bike start which will be weird. The decision about the bike has been made. I am going to race my R3!! It will be easier to climb, descend and corner so on this course it might just be the faster bike. It will be the bike I am more comfortable racing. I won’t know until I get out on the course if it was the right decision or not.

My allergies have been killing me lately and that made me think about posting about neti pots. While that sounds funny it is something I use everyday and I swear by. I started a lot of people using them. Most people just use them when their allergies flare up or when they have a cold but I actually like it for after swimming or after crossfit etc. to get the crap out of your sinuses. I think it is such a natural and effective way to deal with all of those issues. I see it as a real enhancement to health. Yeah I get a lot of yuck that’s so crunchy granola. But I guess Im just a crunchy granola kinda girl.   Being able to breathe is nice. I like it! and sinus infections suck. So if you have any kind of sinus issues or if you just want to clean the chalk dust or nasty swimming water out of your nose this is my answer for you. It’s cheap and drug free.

Tuesday food continued
Mustard glazed Tofu & balsamic red beets
1 scoop vega and coconut water
Lentils, onions, red pepper, tomatoes  & guacamole, clif crunch bar

Wednesdays food
Chocolate soymilk – post swim
Soy Yogurt, chia seeds, strawberries, nectarine and soy protein powder
1 scoop vega & coconut water, macadamia nuts
Mustard glazed tofu & roasted yellow string beans
Tempeh, carrots, potatoes & spinach

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