Tuesday, September 20, 2011

High and Dry

Started the day with a swim – 1,000 of drills. My form felt pretty good on these today which was nice. Then 10 x 50s on 15 second rest.
1 –47
10- 45
Cooldown – 50 breaststroke, 25 fly kick, 25 head lead.

Bike – 10 minute warmup then 7 minute TT all uphill! 10 minute cooldown. Garmin still frozen so I don’t have any data. Rode Stefan which is like dragging a hummer up a hill. Alright that might be a little too much. More like an escalade.

It felt like a short training day. The knee is feeling better. I probably could have run on it today but I decided to ride my bike instead and give it some more time. Not sure what Ill do tomorrow yet. It depends on how the knee is. Im trying to be really good and allow it to really recover. I stretched the hell out of my legs last night. They are so frigging tight it’s a little ridiculous!

I got my athlete guide for Pocono Mountain! I guess it really is coming up sometime soon. They are taking some actions regarding the weather as it is probably gonna be pretty cold. There will be a changing tent in T1. I will wait until it gets closer to decide if I am going to take advantage of that or not. It could make the day a lot more comfortable but it don’t know if I want to take the time to use it. They are also providing bags at the swim start that we can put our warmup clothes in which will be transported to the finish so we can put them on right after the race. That could be a very good thing too. I am just not sure what Im going to want to wear. At this road race on Saturday I ended up just wearing my racing kit because the guys were giving me a hard time before the race when I had arm warmers, gloves and toe covers on. They were like your going to be too hot take all that shit off. It was only 50 degrees. But I listened to them and I actually was fine during the race. The only thing that was cold was my toes and that wasn’t bad. Today it was rainy and 60 degrees but I wanted to get out and ride so I wore a long sleeve jersey and I was actually hot and wishing I had a short sleeve jersey on. Of course these times I wasn’t coming out of 60 degree water either.  We are not going to be allowed to swim on the swim course at all until the race start. I always find that weird which a race does that but nothing can be done about it anyway. I’ve already done river swims in the area so  I should be fine. The bike course has 43 turns and is hilly so I have a feeling it is going to be a technical course. As of now I plan on taking the P2. Although I am thinking about the R3 as that might actually be better on the hills and the turns. I’ve already done the run in the spring when I did the Pocono run for the red half marathon.  There are some hills in it but no major climbing. the other complication for this race is it is a 2 transition area race just like wilkes-barre. We have to put out or bike  at the beach Saturday and also put out our running gear at t2 on Saturday as well. I;ve decided I am going to stay in the Poconos on Saturday night even though it is only a 45  minute – 1 hour drive from my house just because the area the race is in has a lot of little country roads and those could be really crowded race morning with people trying to get to things. We have to be shuttled to the swim start as there is no access to it any other way. No walking. Biking etc. They are also charging spectators to take a shuttle to the swim start. So I have a feeling there are not going to be too many there. I’m the 5th wave out of 13. So ill go after about 15 minutes which isn’t too bad but the waves after me are guys so I am gonna have to swim hard so I don’t get swum over.  Other good things. Bike aid every 15 miles. Which means I really only need 1 bottle on the bike. I don’t want to be lugging extra water up those hills!  I also like that they are giving us tickets to pick up gear so in theory someone else can go get my bike and gear after the race if I am too tired to do it. I most likely end up doing it myself but I was pretty beat after the eagleman until I took a shower and got something to eat. I am really hoping to improve on my race from eagleman.

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