Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Look Around

swim - 500 of drills to warmup. then 1500 as 100 easy 100 hard. i always like this style workout. I might have added a 50 or 100. i lost lap count. timed it just to see where it was at and it took 30.39, cooldown 100 breaststroke 50 as dolphin dives.

the legs and knee were feeling much better today. until i started riding my bike. then i noticed that they weren't quite up to snuf yet. They were good enough to get through this workout but they weren't in too shape to race especially uphill. Did about 25 minutes easy to try to spin out the legs a bit. the 13 minutes all out. followed by another 20 minutes of spinning. I think by tomorrow the legs will be up to my double bike day. I ordered a bunch of stuff for my commuter bike now that fall is here. lights - head and tail and also a pannier. I didn't have this stuff last year so basically i stopped commuting when i lost daylight but this year i would like to commuter as long as possible by bike. I basically ride in the city on my entire commute so i am riding on streets with street lights. Ill see how this all works out. I got the solar/usb chargeable kind to keep it green. the pannier is just so i don't have to keep the lugging the weight around on my back when i can put it on my bike.

i registered to do a 32 mile hilly bike road race this saturday. should be fun times!

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