Friday, September 2, 2011


Wednesday – the running hard and biking hills in the same day had the knee hurting a little bit for the first time in awhile. It’s probably safer for me to break those 2 activities onto different days until the knee is completely healed or until after Pocono. Just to be safe.

I decided to sleep in a bit Thursday morning since I only had a tabata bike workout to do.  I did it outside because I just refuse to ride the trainer when the weather is nice. And it really is fun to ride your bike that fast. I took an wasy ride over to my local school complex loop and then hit the tabata. Since it is a circle I felt like I was racing a really awesome crit and since I am not good at critting in the fantasy of that was very fun!  I have my garmin data but I need to upload it and will have to add that in later. Took an easy ride back to work. I’ve also been commuting on my bike again and I am so happy to have that back in my life.  Driving a car is really miserable compared to taking your bike.

Friday – swim – 500 of drills to warmup. I am getting bored with these I think I need new drills to mix it up a bit. Then 2 x 10 minute time trials. Got 23 laps (almost) on both of these.  Although during the first one I felt like I didn’t really loosen up until around the 14th lap.  Cooldown - 25 breaststoke, 50 back stroke, 50 breaststroke. This is also exciting before for the longest time I have not been able to swim breaststokre because it absolutely torque my knee. So I think it really is finally healing up. 

Then 10 minute warmup and a 30 minute TT on the bike.  15.85 miles tomorrow. Also it ended up being about an hour ride with some nice hills. I rode from work and then had to get back. Man I was tired and cooked after this ! I’ll upload the garmin data later.

Tomorrow morning is the 10k. good news is that it is flat! I am hoping to go under an hour. Well see how the knee holds up.

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