Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Factory of Faith

Run – 40 minutes and 30 seconds. 4.05 miles. Did the first mile slow to warmup. Then picked it up for the next three. Did hills. Knees felt ok. My tape stayed on for the whole run so I was very happy about that. To test it out I left it on through my shower to see if it would stay and it did. Maybe I am getting better at the taping. My running hasn’t improved much but I am happy to be out running more regularly!

My legs didn’t feel particularily fresh after running in the morning but it was time to Bike! Did 1 hour and 9 minutes of hellish hill repeats. Basically rode out to jumper road and rode it a few times. Jumper road is a long ass hill with some serious grades at points. Covered 14.27 miles. My tape still stayed on for this too! Although I do have to admit the hill climbing does make the knees strain. At one point on this hill I think of a roller coaster everytime because when you lookup and see the angle of this hill ahead it just reminds me of a roller coaster because of the pitch. Gotta get the legs strong for IM Pocono mountain!

I have some races coming up soon. I am doing a 10k run this Saturday – Totally flat course. Ill see how that goes before deciding on other running races for the month. I also have a 28mile road bike race next weekend. I really want to hit it as hard as the knee will allow until Pocono.

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