Sunday, August 7, 2011

2 mile open water swim race

2 mile open water swim race today in the gorgeous spring fed lake susquehanna. I really love swimming in this lake and wish I could do it more often! But since it is on private property it isn't possible. It turned out to be a wetsuit legal race so i was glad i took my wetsuit. yesterday the lake was too warm for wetsuits but due to the 2 and half inches of rain we got yesterday. the lake temp was now 74 and legal! Some of the guys were making fun of me for wearing my wetsuit but I really dont care. If it is legal I am wearing it everytime. They said i'm not one of the infantry in that thing and i said damn right I'm an officer! The swim was decently well. the weather was super foggy this morning so I didn't know how sighting was going to be but for the most part I didn't have any issues. Yellow lenses work well. I think my pace for the race was ok. There was some bumping and banging at the start as there always is. I tried to position myself out of it and swam a little wide. The course was 2 - 1 mile loops and then a 200 out and back. The course probably has more turns in it that any tri I have ever done becayse they are trying to use the whole lake. But for the most part I had my own space in the water and I was just able to go and turn without breaking at all. The only issue I had was i almost missed one turn buoy so i had to go back and swim around it. didn't want to be dqed!  I swam the first loop conservatively as I didn't know how to really pace myself for this length of a swim and I didn't want to be dieing and hanging on by the end of it. I think i probably negative split it but they didn't give us that information. I also tried to pick it up a bit on he out and back but i don't know if that really happened either. I am happy with my time but i know I can do better because I wasn't really spent at any point during the swim or after so i don't think i really gave it a 100 percent effort. I think I paced it too much. I should have raced it more. it was still a good workout. i took first in my age group.

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