Thursday, August 4, 2011


Finally got my hotel room booked for nationals. I’ll be going up on Friday and picking up my packet, dropping off my bike and testing out the water, doing a little of the bike and run course. Mostly the transition areas to get myself ready for the race.  Saturday is race  day and then I’ll be staying to check out the town a bit before heading home on Sunday.

Run – walk ¾ mile to the track to warmup. Then because the knee takes a bit to get going on the run I did a mile warmup run on the track. Followed by 3 miles with 5  - 1 minute pickups throughout the workout.  I choose the track because the turf is more absorbent of the impact of running so just being careful with my knee. I felt good during the pickups but them may have slowed the overall wod for me as I recovered a bit from them and the whole thing took me 29.17.   I think did a little walk/jog for the ¾ mile home. Walking on the hills and jogging on the flats.

Back for an ART session tonight to try to get this knee cleaned up a little bit more.  I'll see how it responds tomorrow.

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