Monday, August 15, 2011

Can't Wait

Swim – warmup 2 x 200 Distance per stroke. On the first lap I was able to hit 15 but I usually settled into 17.   While these are good numbers it certainly was not fast swimming.  Then 4 x 150 build on 25 seconds rest. Took a little break between this and the next set as I was more tired than I thought when I went to the pool.  Then 10 x 100s fast on 25 seconds rest. I did these with Jeff and I did really well on the first couple hitting them at 1.29 but I couldn’t sustain that through the whole workout. I was able to hang with jeff through the first 50 but I was falling off of him for the last 50 pretty consistently.  Cooldown swimming with the pull buoy. Didn’t  count the laps it was only a few minutes.
My knee was really sore again this morning from the running yesterday and it made me crabby!  I’m so tired of it really. I am considering finding some kind of knee support that will force my  knee to track properly when I run. Just so I don’t have this pain anytime I run. Not to use forever just to use to get through this. Although I think I am done running until race time. No need to flare this up if i am not going to be gaining any fitness from it.

At crossfit  - did some stretching and 25 stepups onto a 20 inch box with 15 lb dumbbells each leg both forward and lateral. My knee actually felt a little bit better after these but something in my other legs doesn’t. I just can’t win.

I ordered the aero-computer mount from xlabs for my tri bike. I was waiting for it to come in forever and my local bike shop and I’ve just had it with waiting for them. I should have it for my race this weekend.

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