Saturday, August 6, 2011


41.25 mile bike ride this morning. done in 2:30 with some minimal stopping at traffic lights. Got a little wet. Felt like I worked hard while riding. My knee was ok on the bike but afterwards pretty stiff. Got through it but the knee just isn't healed yet. Tomorrow 2 mile open water swim race. It 's been raining all day and is supposed to be more of the same tomorrow. Nothing I can do about it. I find it harder to sight in the rain so i guess it will be good practice. I want to try to hang with the real swimmers as long as i can tomorrow. It will be interesting. I never raced this distance before.  They are calling for thunderstorms which could be a problem. I hoping to get the race in. It has been so long since i did a race. Eagleman was my last. I missed a lot of the season with this knee injury. 

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