Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Bike – 15 minutes @ 90 percent. Did a 3 mile easy warmup then hit the 15 minutes. I got to 4.93 miles when the 15 was up but due to getting stuck in traffic at one intersection I decided to just ride hard the extra few seconds and get it all the way to five miles. Felt like a good effort. Done on flat land. The knee was ok during the ride but was stiff afterwards. I hit some ibuprofen as that really seems to help with the pain, stiffness and increases my mobility.

Threw some step ups into my warmup for today. Then did a 15 minute amrap of

5 wallballs – 10 lb ball to 10 foot target
10 ghd situps (my favorite!)

Got 16 full rounds.

Been trying to stretch when possible. I feel like if I could just get this knee unglued it wouldn’t hurt so much.  Thinking about going back for some art but not sure as that usually makes it hurt too and I don’t want to flare it up since I am basically managing it at this point. It isn’t gone but it isn’t as bad as it was for sure.

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