Friday, August 26, 2011

Rain on tin

Swim – super light tease of a workout! 500 of drills to warmup then a 500 yard TT whilst wearing a t shirt for drag. 9.11. it is almost funny how much I huff while trying to drag myself through the water with just a shirt on. Then 500 more of drills just to cooldown. Felt weird getting out of the pool after such a short amount of time especially since I love being in the water but since I will be swimming 5,000 meters tomorrow in an open water race I didn’t push it and got out of the water. I’ll get my fix tomorrow.

I was supposed to go to crossfit and do step-ups today but I actually forgot shorts so since I had to go home and get them I found it was just easier timewise to take my bike out. And it turned out to be a hell of a workout too. I did a 3 mile warmup ride to a my local school where I had an almost half mile loop that I can ride really aggressively as it doesn’t have traffic on it.  So then I did 7 repeats as 1 loop (half mile) all out effort followed by 1 loop as recovery. The interval was taking me a little over a minute when I was hitting it. I was topping out at 23 and 24 mph on it and pushing more gear than I normally do. The recoveries started off keeping a good pace and by number 7 they were definitely slower than number one being almost 2 minutes. But I didn’t coast through any of it I kept pedaling the entire time although I did use an easier gearing. Then took a little cooldown ride of a few minutes to get back home. I was actually pretty tired from this effort. I only intended to go six repeats. But I lost count and ended up doing 7. If I knew I would have done 8! But having not done serious bike speedwork in awhile I don’t know how many more quality efforts I would have had left.

Tomorrow morning is the OWS race. Hoping to get it in before the rain/winds start from the hurricane. I am also hoping to get my 3 hour ride in on Saturday before the weather sets in. Then Sunday is the 10k race. I am pretty sure it is going to be raining and windy for that. I really don’t care and hope they don’t cancel it. So far I haven’t heard about a cancellation but this is already a rescheduled date. It was cancelled a few weeks ago when the temps were really high.  It should be a great weekend.

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