Sunday, August 14, 2011

wb tri

Today was the wb tri.  I was the swimmer on the Secret Society of Female Cyclists. Did it in 32 minutes. It was wetsuit legal. Thankfully because that lake is just GROSS. there are two sections of weeds to pass through. The first the weeds are all torn up and they wrap around your arms and face. Then the lake smells like diesel fuel. yum! And finally when your swimming into the chute the weeds are so high they tickle your belly and your hands are tearing them out. I know I am whining about it but of all the places Ive raced this is consistently the worst. I never enjoy swimming there. I think I swam a 36 there last year. The water was choppy this year and it rained a bit after we started. The course was also setup different and actually a little weird. instead of swimming in straight lines you had to swim each section as a diagonal. I have no idea why.  I think my sighting was decent. I had to correct myself a few times but i was never way off. I felt like i was able to swim tight to the buoys. My wave was the last one to go in, it was the relay wave so it was a little rough at the beginning especially since it is a beach start. Overall a fine swim. Then I ran up the beach to my biker who actually stopped before taking my chip off and said are you ok?  I guess I put in a pretty good effort. I felt fine afterwards. I've been eating a gel before a swim and it working out well. I don't really need it for this kind of thing but for the longer distance. The race was lite on entrants this year. probably because of it being so close to nationals. They really didn't enforce a lot of the normal rules this year either which was weird.

 on the training plan for today was 10k run.  Ran it on my first set of hills on asphalt with my husband in some light rain.  I didn't feel great going into it. I don't think my knee is really completely recovered from yesterdays ride but I needed to get it done. I never felt like I was moving very well but I got through it. All I know is burlington is going to be rough with the hills. Especially since i haven't been training them. I don't feel strong going into this race esp running wise. I know i will get through it but  it isn't going to be easy. Today's effort took me an hour and eight minutes. 450 elevation gain. avg hr 147. ma hr 180 sadly im tired from it too.

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