Friday, August 12, 2011

Desolation Row

Yesterday I ordered a few bike items for my upcoming races. I got toe covers as it is gonna be chilly and lazer tzardik aero helmet in while with silver accents. One of the biggest selling points was the aquavent on this helmet. I most likely won’t need it in my next few races but for hotter days it could be a great thing.

Swim wod this morning – 500 of drills as warmup. Then 3 x 10 minute TTs on 3 minutes rest. 1st and 2nd reps – got 23 full laps was just starting the 24th. On the 3rd rep I was just finishing the 23rd lap. Did an easy elementary backstroke as part of my rest. 200 of catchup with pull buoy to cool down. This was a great workout to do before the wb tri where I will be swimming for a friend that bikes and runs and wants to start doing triathlons but doesn’t have the swim yet.  I’m curious to see what my swim time will be. I had a horrible swim there last year. It was pouring last year for the whole race. It is expected to rain again this year. Not sure if it will be wetsuit legal or not. It’s a pretty disgusting lake so it would be nice if it was! This year ill be swimming in the relay wave which will be tough with the real swimmers in it. But it’s all good. It will be a warmup for next weekend!  I downloaded the race info for next week. The weird thing is they will give you time and splits when you finish but they will not give you race results until the actual awards ceremony in the evening. This is probably to get people to go to it.  I wasn’t planning on attending it unless I actually got a position at worlds. They are broadcasting it live on the web.

Cf wod – 50 step ups both front and lateral with 15lb dumbbells in each hand for a total of 30 lbs. Last time I did it with 20 lbs total. My knee started to hurt about half way through this workout, maybe due to the step up in weights. I iced it afterwards. I did these in sets of 5s. I put 2 pullups in between each set just to work on more pull-ups. I have to say my real pull-ups have gotten much better now that I am not kipping them.

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