Friday, August 5, 2011


I forgot yesterday I also did 100 pushups for time. Took me 4:05.  

My knee is feeling great this morning after my ART session last nite. I will have to see if this is sustainable. If not I may have to go and keep getting my knee cleaned up after I train running since that seems to be the most provocative movement to flare up my knee until I get through the nationals race. But so far I am pretty happy that I went as it seemed to remove some of the restriction I was still battling. So far this seems to be the best I was able to move knee in a long time.

Swim – 500 of drills to warmup. I felt like I had great balance in the water while swimming today. Yippee! Did a 35 minute Time trial but I was really bad at counting my laps and I kept getting confusedon what I was on. I finished 68 laps but that just doesn’t seem correct. I was really focusing on my stroke while swimming. Then did 450 of drills to cooldown.

CF – doing my step ups to work on strengthening and stabilizing my knee. This time I added a 10 lb dumbbell in each hand. I know it’s light but I need the form to be spot on.  Did 25 each leg both forward and lateral onto a 20 inch box.  Tested out the rower. Did 1,000 meters. Easy pace took me about 5 minutes. The range of motion is still tough for my knee.

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