Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bike – 8 minute warmup. 10 x 1 minute hill repeats. Recovery was descent. 10 minute cooldown. Knee did  fine.  

I ordered some Coverall and Leukotape to start doing the mcconnell taping method to help my patella tracking.  Right now I’ve been taping it with Kinesio tape but because that stretches I don’t think it is holding my kneecap in the proper alignment enough.

I also found a doctor (who is a cyclist) that does ART and Graston Technique for PatelloFemoral pain and he takes me insurance so I’m going to give him a try out. I ordered the Garmin Edge 500 for my tribike. This is my last resort since I can’t seem to get anything to fit on Damon even with the special xlabs mount. It works with the Heart Rate Monitor and Cadence Sensor I already have so that helped to keep the cost down a bit. It even works with a power meter although I haven’t used that kind of data yet.

Crossfit – AMRAP 20 Minutes
10 Pushups
10 GHDs Situps/Back Extensions

Did 20 full rounds and all of the pushups in the 21st round. However, the first 13 rounds were done with GHD situps. Then I got a really severe pain in my head and I thought I can not do another one of these. I’ve had headache pressure from them before but nothing like this felt. So I decided to switch over to Back Extensions and that helped. So the last 7 rounds were back extensions not GHDs.

Still doing the stretching, mobilizing thing on my lower legs. Not sure if it is really working or I am just destined to turn into an aquabiker.

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