Sunday, August 28, 2011

high water

Did my first 5K Open water swim race. I think that is the farthest I have ever swam and especially in open water for sure. It took me 1hour 54 minutes and 32 seconds. I didn't get my spits from the race yet. Overall it was a good time. I'm curious to see how consistent my splits would be. I didn't go out too hard because i knew it was going to be a long way to swim.  I felt ok during it had a few issues my with goggles i had to correct but that was about it. I didn't not think my time would be this high. The water temp was cool. it was wetsuit legal. The water conditions were good. there was a little chop when you were crossing the lake but for the most part it was a good course. I must have been getting tired towards the end because i was swimming with my eyes closed. I have no idea why but it must have felt good at the time. I must admit I was pretty cooked afterwards. I had a gel before I got into the water. I didn't eat or drink anything while swimming. I was kinda out of it when i got out of the water. not sure if it was fatigue or dehydration of low energy stores or what. But it was dragging. I had a bike ride yet to do and i needed a break to refuel and reload before heading out. We were getting some of Hurricane Irene when it as time to bike so I ended up riding for 3 hours in the house on my trainer instead of dealing with the rain/wind combo. I watched the Tour of Colorado while doing it and i got a good workout in even on the trainer. My legs were sore afterwards and still are a bit today. I tried some of the Stinger Chews yesterday and I have to admit i am really impressed with their products. They actually taste pretty good! I was supposed to do a 10k running race this morning but it got postponed because of the weather.  If it lets up later today I will go do my 7 mile run. If not I will take today as a rest day which was supposed to be tomorrow and i will just have to do my running tomorrow. we will see. i got my leukotape yesterday so i used to before my bike ride and to my happiness it actually stayed on. def gonna use it for running and hope it really helps with my knee issues. Ironman Pocono Mountain 70.3 is actually coming up pretty fast. I basically have a month to train for it.

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