Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Screaming Fast

My knee was better today than yesterday. Thankfully because I was crabby yesterday from the pain. Took a ride on Micah doing some climbing and descending getting ready for the hills in burlington. Had to do this over my lunch hour because it rained this morning so i didn't have much time to ride. Did 13.78 miles plus my 5ish commute.Climbed 1,143 ft.avg 13.1 mph. used stefan because the roads were wet. avg hr 134.  Got my new aero helmet today. Also put the race wheels on damon. gonna swim tomorrow and take a shake out ride with the new gear probably thursday. most likely take friday off, since i didn't get a rest day in this week yet. and race saturday. at least that's what i am thinking at this point.

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