Monday, August 8, 2011


didn't sleep well last night and i have been kinda tired all day today. I am going to use Thursday as my day off this week so I trained today.

run - 3/4 mile warmup - walk the hills/ easy jog the flats to the track for my workout. then 5.5 miles on the track. I can't believe I did this kinda distance on a track but i am trying to take really good care of my knee. Pace felt slow but the knee did ok.  3/4 cooldown - same as warmup to get home.

CF - 50 stepups onto 20 incher both lateral and front with 10 pound dumbbells. did these in sets of five to maintain the form. knee still seems to be doing pretty good. I hope i wake up tomorrow morning to swim and that is still the case.

I  forgot to mention in my blog post yesterday that I think i need to work on my swimmers kick. I found myself doing a a puny little kick yesterday. Then I would try to get behind a swimmer to draft off of them and they were kicking like a washing machine.  I actually ended up getting off of some guys feet and more on his side just because i couldn't take it. that being said i didnt really have much opportunity to draft yesterday anyway. For the most part I was sighting every 6 strokes. But there was one section i had to switch to every 3 because i kept getting pulled by the current and ending up not where i epected to be when i did look up.

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