Tuesday, August 2, 2011


tuesday swim - 300 to warmup then 8 rounds of 75s pulling, 300 easy swim, 8 rounds of 75s hard. 300 pull to cool down all on 20 seconds rest. Did these with jeff as he is great at keeping us on task. the 75 hard actually felt pretty good.

crossfit - step ups to rehab the knee injury a bit. 25 each leg forward and lateral onto a 20 incher. this went better than i epected it to. So i decided to try some of the 24 incher. did 5 each side forward. these bothered my knee so i stopped there. i think they etra height is just a bit too much.
then a 20 minute amrap of
5 pushups
10 kettlebell swings @ 35 lbs
15 leg lifts (another knee rehab movement)
16 full rounds and 1 hand tear

it felt so good to throw down a wod after a week off from them. i was sweating a ton and wishing my 20 minutes to be up.

took a little uibuprofen today as my knee was achy in the morning. They really seemed to help.

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