Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Swim – warmup – 200 swim 200 pull then 6 x 100  - times around 1.35 for these. Then 15 x 50  - all on 20 seconds rest. The swim felt pretty good today. I look forward to getting back in the water later in the week and to swimming in the WB tri this weekend. Well I am mostly look forward to that. Harveys lake is def one of my least favorite places to swim because it is kinda gross.

Cf wod – amrap 20 minutes of
5 pullups (rings)
10 pushups
15 Kb Swings @ 35lbs/situps

14 complete rounds
Used the rings for my pull-ups because I can’t kip with my knee and I don’t have that many strict dead hang pull-ups. Did 6 rounds with the kettlebell. The tear in my hand was just killing me by then making holding the rings and the bell not easy so I changed mid-wod to situps.

And of course I need to do a knee update. I think it is still very slowly getting better. 
Ah the glamous life of a triathlete. Icing down the knees!

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