Wednesday, August 17, 2011

disconnection notice


250 with pull buoy to warmup. Then 8 x 200 on 2 minutes rest
1 – 3.25
2 – 3.19
3 – 3.15
4 – 3.17
5 – 3.17
6 – 4.09 – extra laps I got confused
7 – 3.19
8 – 3.25

Few minutes swimming with the pull buoy to cool down

I researched some of the Burlington area for vegetarian food today and thankfully I found a bunch of options. This makes me pretty happy going into the trip.

Got a massage today for the first time in a year. Yeah I was wayyyyy overdue for that. It is probably something I should fit into the schedule more often. Sometimes I get so focused on the training. I forget about really working the recovery too. It’s probably the area I lack most in my training overall. 

I also got my knee kinesio taped. I have been doing it myself but this is a little different so no I will start doing it this way. I really hope it helps. I am icing and trying to be really good. this is just such a nagging injury.
overall feeling pretty good after the massage. tomorrow is the dreaded packing for the trip.

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