Saturday, December 4, 2010

bike swim bike

Bike - 10 minutes of 30 seconds on 30 seconds off then 30 minute Time trial followed by 2 x 1 min of hollow rocks. Why does the trainer make my legs hurt so bad! when will that stop? To be honest my legs were tired starting this workout so I wasn't surprised with how they felt during and after. Distance 7.75 Got through the 1st min of hollow rocks striaght  but then broke the second set into 2 x 30 seconds. Better to keep some form.

CF swim wod today. After a warmup did 6 x 50 on 1 minute. Followed by 6 rounds of treading water legs only then going down to the bottom of the pool without jumping in or pushing off the side followed by a hard 50. All "rest" was treading water between intervals.  Im good at treading with both hands and legs but when we have to have our hands out of the water and over all heads I just sink. Then out of the pool for 3 sets of negative holding pushups followed by a hard 50. Did some laps where we had to swim as far as possible underwater followed by more laps where I could dive in and only take one breath for the entire 25. That was actually pretty good for my head because sometimes I just feel like I need to breathe all of the time and these puts it into my head that i don't really need it i just want to.  Did a 10 minute swim after that to work on stroke count. I was getting a lot of 17 and 18s. sadly no 16's but when I do that kind of swimming I feel like I slow down so much. it almost doesn't seem worth it.

another bike wod for today - 30 minutes of 10 second on 20 seconds off Then 50 abmat situps. distance 4.01 miles. my legs felt much better on this wod than the first one of the day. took me 1.29 to do the situps. I like this wod because the work is less than the recovery so i could really sprint the entire work time and recover enough to keep doing it.

breakfast - 6 ounces tempeh bacon, 1 tbsp peanut butter
lunch - 2 scoops vega wfo w/coconut water & clif builder bar, 1 tbsp peanut butter
dinner - 14 ounces tofu, 1 red bell pepper, salsa, red beans & spinach

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