Saturday, December 18, 2010


my crossfit box hosted and xx/xy games today. My partner was actually from another box as the guy I was supposed to do it with was unable to make so in the "out of box" category we came in first place! In the overall competition we came in second place. It was a fun time. All work must be divided equally so if he does 10 reps I have to do 10 reps before he can go again. I didn't write down our times for any of the events but we were first of second in number 1,2 and 4. The events were as follows:

event 1 - with one kettlebell move 5,000 pounds with the male doing american swings and the female doing sumo deadlift highpulls. We choose a 44 lb bell because we could most that with good speed. we traded off in reps of 20 finishing with a round of 7 for a total of 114 reps and 5,000 pounds. I liked this wod becuase im usually pretty good with kettlebells.

event 2 - when this got unveiled i was stoked because ive done this so many times when i was kickboxing. however ill admit this may have been one of the toughest times ive done it since we were trying to go fast.

Partner medicine ball situps with a toss. Touch the med ball on the ground over your head while sitting up and tossing it to your partner who does the same. We had to complete 150 reps with a 16 lb med ball. The only disadvantage was they scaled the med ball weight for each time and we got the highest. But we were able to keep it moving constantly we had a great rhythem and we never broke it to rest or even slow down.

event #3 - I fucked this one up big time. You had to throw a medicine ball over a 10 foot obstacle to your partner who had to catch it 10 feet away. There were markers at every 10 feet and from whatever line you finished you got to subtract 20 burpees from event #4. Because I can't throw things We only got passed the first line and therefore only reduced out total by 20 burpees. It was something ive never done before and honestly would have to practice launching that thing because it is heavy to be throwing that high and far.  i just decided i would have to smoke the burpees.

event 4 - one person must be holding a 10 pound plate over head the entire time. and as a team you must complete

60 burpees - traded 20,10,10
200 squats - traded off every 20
150 pushups - traded off every 10
100 pullups - traded off every 10
50 rings dips ( i had to add 30 dips since i didn't have ring dips and had to do them off a box instead) - traded off every 10 and i finished with my extra 30 at the end.

I am not a person that likes to be thinking about things like reps etc while im working out so we decided to just go in order and knock it out instead of trying to play a strategy and waste time figure out what was left.

The burpees and squats weren't too bad we moved at a great clip.the pushups and pullups make it harder to hold the plate overhead but there was no way I was dropping that thing as a plate infraction cost you 20 burpees a piece.  The dips were tough after holding the plate overhead for so long but overall it was a fun wod. I really pounded through the reps fast today. especially the pullups I don't think ive ever done 50 pullups that fast. Tim butterfly kipped his so i had like no rest between them. I was pretty tired afterwards but my nutriton was not the greatest today as I was running around all day.

needed a short bike wod so did the 8 rounds of tabata on the trainer. started with a 10 minute warmup. 20 on 10 off Distance recorded was .80 but I actually think it was farther because i only saw .7 for the 1st 0 seconds and I think my bike sensor wasn't detected immediately.

meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water
meal 2 - clif builder bar & macadamia nuts
meal 3 - clif builder bar
meal 4 - tofu, green beans, red beets, steamed carrots & hummus, peanut butter

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