Thursday, December 30, 2010

return 2 cf

my friend was kind enough to drive me to the crossfit gym today. it felt so good to finally be back at it. I was off for too long! I swear I feel weaker when I take extended time off like that. I know it was only a week so I shouldn't but I swear I do. Time to get back to being strong! Just did some thing to see what works and what doesn't. wasn't really any kind of wod.

10 kipping pullups - I thought these would feel great after so long off from pullups but i swear they felt harder than normal

2 warmup rounds with 15lb dumbbells of
5 Bench Press
5 shoulder press
5 bent over rows.
Then picked up 20lb dumbbells and did 10 rounds of the same circuit. The shoulder press was the hardest movement at that weight for me. The bench and the rows felt light. so I decided to drop the shoulder press and use 25s and do
5 rounds w/25s of
10 bench press
10 row
still light but I figured I did enough of those movements and I can go heavier next time. The shoulder press feels a little weird. I think it is because I am a little off balance with the leg. I think that may have been the issue when kipping my pullups too. I'm holding the leg and it makes it a little weird. Im going to have plenty of practice and I will get it.

10 kipping pullups
10 kipping pullups

4 x 25 hollow rocks

10 kipping pullups
10 kipping pullups

Row 510 meters - This felt awkward. I basically pushed off one leg and just dragged the cast on the floor. That's why I only went to 500. it's doable but I am not sure it the best idea. Although I do think without the cast it could be a good run training substitute until I can run again. I will ask the doc.

2 x 25 back extensions - this also feel weird. since i am most using the good leg for stability

30 negative ring dips
50 hanging leg lifts - i used a bar that i can basically touch the ground from.
Tried some knees to elbows and toes to bar - both of those are ok.

Also did muscle up transition practice on the ground. I need to get the ring dips so I can get real muscle up.

meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water - 2 slices veggie pizza
meal 2 - grit tofu
meal 3 - black bean soup, salad and bread

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