Wednesday, July 14, 2010

hold your traffic please :)

crappy rainy day today but I had 5 mile bike time trial to get in so out in the rain me and stefan (bike) went. rode a 3 mile warmup and legs were a little sore. then hit it for 5 miles on flat terrain. took me 13.16 for 5.04 miles. Averaged 21 or 22 mph and maxed at 35mph.
mile time distance avg mph
1 00:02:57 1.00 20.2
2 00:02:55 1.00 20.5
3 00:02:25 1.00 24.7
4 00:02:50 1.00 21.1
5 00:02:33 1.00 23.5
6 00:00:05 0.04 28.3

Happy with it considering the conditions. I had to hit my brakes a few times because of traffic but just happy I got it done. relaxing 5 mile ride home just having fun riding in the rain. Rode through a construction zone and they held traffic for me to go through. That felt super kool. I wish they could have held the traffic for me on my time trial! Something about getting wet and dirty is just fun. I haven't had that much dirt in my hair since the tough mudder race.

50 burpees for time - 3:53 - i always seem to have burpees to do a day after pushups! That or back to back pullup days! Done whining cuz Im getting a pre-race massage tonight! :) The photo above is me with a little glaze after the burpee blitz.

dark chocolate peanut butter
vega wfo w.coconut water
tofu, brown rice, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms
sprouted grain bagel

really not hungry today - maybe i will b later or tomorrow

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