Sunday, July 4, 2010

the streak continues...

I've had a streak of bad luck this week and it continued today when I fell at the starting line of my 3 mile road race. Not sure exactly what happened. I looked down to start my watch when the gun went off and then poof I was looking at the ground very close up.. Skinned my knees but got right up and started running. My elbow hurts but I don't remember hitting that.  I've heard there were anywhere from 400- 700 people but I don't know for sure.  It was a bunch and it was chaotic. Had a decent race. took me 24:15. It was pretty hot out. I feel like I ran a steady race -  mile 1 - 7:49 mile 2 - 8:18 mile 3 - 8:17.  I didn't even feel like racing last night or this morning. I was so tired this morning I went back to bed twice before forcing myself to get up and get ready. I couldn't stomach any food, just feeling too nauseated and tired so I had a vega sport which is an energy drink mixed with coconut water. I think it helped.  I tried to stretch before and after the race but my heel is sore.

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